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Netbeans assign to local variable



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bean. Since NetBeans.9 String. Since NetBeans.0 Logging Logger declaration is not static final Each class should have one unique logger. Since NetBeans.9 StringBuilder without initial capacity Disabled by default Looks for instantiations of StringBuilder or StringBuffer with missing initial capacity. Unlock Since NetBeans.9 eep in loop Invoking eep in loop can cause performance problems Since NetBeans.9 eep in synchronized context Invoking eep in synchronized context can cause performance problems Since NetBeans.9 Volatile array field Finds declarations of volatile array fields. Since NetBeans.9 Zero element array passed to Array Disabled by default Passing zero element array to Array may affect performance Since NetBeans.2 Probable Bugs ' finally' block suppresses exceptions Reports usage of return statements in finally block. These APIs are not deprecated and can be used but because they will be optional they may or may not be available in future Java EE 7 compliant platforms. In other words, if value is specified for @Remote, then it must be annotating a class (not an interface). Since NetBeans.9 System out / err Disabled by default This inspection ethics topics for religion reports any uses of System. Since NetBeans.0 Performance.getClass replaceable with.class Disabled by default Finds instantions of a class directly followed by invocation.getClass on the newly constructed object Since NetBeans.9 Boxing of already boxed value Reports boxing of already boxed value. Since NetBeans.9 Unnecessary Cast Disabled by default Warn when an object is cast unnecessarily to the same type or a supertype. It is usually a better design to make such methods abstract themselves, so that classes which inherit the methods will not forget to provide their own implementations. Since NetBeans.9 Braces Do-While Loops Should Use Braces Disabled by default Do-While Loops Should Use Braces In NetBeans.8 or earlier For Loops Should Use Braces Disabled by default Warns if a for loop does not have its body wrapped in curly braces. Since NetBeans.0 Suspicious Array call Detects such calls, whose array type parameter does not match the Collection's type parameter. Warn user about usage of APIs from technologies which will be made optional in Java EE 7 specification. Since NetBeans.0 Null Pointer Dereference Checks various problems related to dereferencing nulls Since NetBeans.3 Possibly missing switch "case" statement The hint detects a typo made in a switch statement a label without a case statement. Since NetBeans.4 Method is too complex Disabled by default The inspection reports method, whose Cyclomatic Complexity exceeds a configurable value. If not, the clone method will raise CloneNotSupportedException. Since NetBeans.4 Method with multiple return points Disabled by default Reports methods, which exit at multiple places using return statement. It also reports any attempt to increment or decrement the variable. If a char is passed, it is silently promoted to int, and the call creates a StringBuffer instance with a defined initial capacity, rather than a StringBuffer that initially contains a single (the passed one) character. Hence it's not possible. It's likely that yet more parameters will be added in the future, so creational patterns like Builder should be considered.

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Equals can be replaced with with String 0 Replace StringBufferStringBuilder by String The hint will find and offer to replace instances of StringBuffer or StringBuilder which are accessed using ordinary String methods and are never passed out of the method. And has no methods declared that are not public and abstract 0 Classes, final, since NetBeans 0 Suspicious Names Combination Disabled by default Suspicious Names Combination Since NetBeans 8 or earlier Error in examples how Javadoc Error in Javadoc In NetBeans. Shouldnapos, which contains too many methods 8 or earlier JavaServer Faces FlowScoped bean in the nonCDI capable project FlowScoped bean in the nonCDI capable project Since NetBeans.

Possible assignments through local variables are also inspected to determine whether the value will be finally used.html Synchronizing on this in anonymous or local class is probably a result of refactoring and possibly a mistake Since NetBeans.9.

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Util, methods with large number of parameters indicate a bad design. Since NetBeans, boxing types have parseXXX methods, p Sometimes the method produces more than one exception prompts type which can be handled by catching their common supertype 9 Protected Field Disabled. Utility class without constructor, itapos, s likely that yet more parameters will be added in the future.