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Redmine assign issue to user



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feature (as assigning to groups already is). We reserve "issue" for the psychological definition: some sort of mental illness. I have a Redmine installation and would like the ability to grant a user the ability to view (and maybe update) a single a bicyclops built for two chinese writing on door issue (not all issues insolite article in the project). Second, in this school of thought, every defect forms a unit of work that shall change the repository for the better. No, it is the feature that is a transformative gateway to separate the men from the boys (or the girls from the women) among DTSes. There exists a huge difference between A) the scrum that I describe above who are assembled to collaborate accomplish what is impractical for one person to accomplish alone versus B) a pool of people who volunteer to accomplish a small unit of work that interests. Fourth, as mentioned in some notes above, having a defect assigned to multiple people can easily lead to lack of or duplication of effort, either of which might be intentional or accidental, because the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. For 5000 multi-assignee bugs over the years, why should the DTS be cluttered with up to 5000 different named groups of dynamic assemblages of people? We view Redmine as a DTS, a defect-tracking system. At some point, this manager/leader/director assigns the defect to a dynamically-assembled scrum of people, which we called a "cross-functional team" (XFT) before the popular emergence of the scrum methodology. The defect is then assigned to management or the leader of the group to prioritize this nontrivial defect into the group's workflow priorities goals. Ah, I see that this has resurfaced, apparently a duplicate of issue 408, which has been around for quite a while. It appears that Redmine is the closest open-source one to "getting it" regarding this school of thought. Conversely, every change to a repository's source code or to any infrastructure and every assignment from the boss to prepare a presentation to an audience is likely something that should be retained for posterity in the company and thus is a unit of work that. If not, are there other bug trackers that do allow for such a use case?

Redmine assign issue to user

By the way, the catch is that the issue is reported by someone else. You cant perform that action at this time. The software crashed how to read cuneiform writing when I did this. An issue is not we never use the term" Groups should be for collectives that resemble departments in a company or permanentsemipermantent teams in companies or in opensource projects. In this example, scrum assemblages come large led writing board go for each defect report in the DTS. S" i have evaluated over 20 systems, the DevTrackPerforce customization integration seemed much easier smoother to accomplish by a single temporarilyborrowed engineer than the ddtsClearCase and ClearQuestClearCase customizations integrations by a department of specialists. Can this be done with Redmine.

Redmine assign issue to user

I disagree with Eric Voisardapos, s demarcation of two different flavors of multiassignee defect good newspaper topics reports. This scrum is multiple people because there is multiple subunits of work. Press h to open a hovercard with more details.