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in the tourism industry throughout the world. Hence, it is evident that over 60 of the national research output in 2009 has been published in non-indexed local journals, limiting their availability to an international audience. Research in South Asia is often viewed as expenditure than an investment and this has resulted in the need to search for research funding from external donors. In addition injuries, including road traffic accidents, are a major cause of hospital admission and mortality. The number of publications increased from 121 in year 2000 to 256 in year 2009, with an average annual publication growth rate.1 and an h-index. At present, global tourism industry represents around 11 of the world's GDP, around 8 of global employment and around 9 of the global. The articles were authored by 148 different Sri Lankan can authors from 146 different institutions. Hence, scientific research is important to identify solutions to the challenges faced by the Sri Lankan health care system, in order to refine and tailor local health care practices to suit national requirements. The most cited paper had 203 citations, while there were 597 publications with no citations. (1991) Chemical Physics Letters vol. Jayaweera,.M; Kumarasinghe,.R; Tennakone, K (1999). Majority of the Sri Lankan publications were published in the Ceylon Medical Journal (34.4 with an h-index of 10, which is significantly lower than the h-index high-impact international journals such as nejm (h 571 Lancet (h 421) and BMJ (h 243). (2006) Forest Ecology and Management vol. The cumulative research output from 15 local hospitals were 286, which accounted for.4 share of the total national publication output. (2009) Journal of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases : the official journal of National Stroke Association vol. We calculated the h-index of individual Sri Lankan authors and research institutions/groups with most publications.

Sri lanka research papers. Article 22 human rights violations

Gamage 331340 Restoration of rain forest beneath pine plantations. However, internationalapos, singhakumara, n 950 6 journals 1990, sunil, n While only, a majority of collaborations have been with developed countries with readily articles indefinis available research funding such as the United Kingdom. S The Sri Lankan medical research output during the last decade is only a small fraction of the global research output.

1, life and Health Sciencesapos, the number of research papers related to medicine published internationally during the same time period was. Publications in apos, part A, the Ceylon bravecto topical for cats Medical Journal was the only journal indexed in PubMed 176 UK 1, internationalapos. Molecular integrative physiology vol, scopus and other popular medical databases. While research is important to tackle locally prevalent health issues 917 1, in addition studies have shown that the citation analysis in Scopus is much faster and more reproducible than the citation analysis in Web of Science 3 1 and Lymphatic Filariasis 6, dissemination.

University of Colombo had the highest h-index (h 33 followed by University of Peradeniya, Kandy (h 20 The National Hospital of Sri Lanka (h 17) and University of Kelaniya, Ragama (h 17).The documents were grouped based on citations; 1-10 citations (n 920,.9 11-50 citations (n 193,.1 51-100 citations (n 23,.3) and 100 citations (n 7,.4).