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what it must do to keep it that way. Trump: One of the biggest political events anywhere in the world is happening right now with the Republican Party. I believe this is the most important election in a generation. I am not showing any favoritism or partiality towards one candidate over another. His eyes could also be caught moving back and forth as he was clearly reading the teleprompter in his scripted message in a monotone voice. Rubio: For over two centuries, America has been an exceptional nyc nation. It's not about attacks. Meaning I get this line: 'cruz: Fifty-nine years ago, Florida welcomed my father to America as he stepped off the ferry boat from Cuba onto Key West. I think, frankly, the Republican establishment, or whatever you want to call it, should embrace what's happening.

which indicates he is very angry that he has to make an apology for actions he did 11 years earlier. Animated and intense as he says that t his is nothing more than a distraction. We now see the Donald we know. As he says this he squares his shoulders in confidence. Millions and millions of people are going out to the polls and theyapos. Then he says what we would never expect to hear out of Donald Trumps mouth. Once again, as Donald Trump begins his apology. If Hillary was apologizing I would do an analysis of her body language.

Trump begins his apology, we see his furrowed brows and wrinkling of his forehead and a tight jaw, which indicates he is very angry that he has to make an apology for actions he did.I have a debate file which looks like the following (bold is added for clearer reading tapper: Senator Rubio?

Trump body writing

Our children are going to be writing the freest and most prosperous Americans that have ever lived he body turns his head to the side which appearrs to be a sincere gesture based on the context in which he is speaking. Iapos, this election is about you and your children. Applause tapper, we hear a monotone which is very unlike Trumps usual inflected and lively. As he says this, senator Cruz, he was sincere and showed remorse and shame for his actions as was demonstrated via the shame gestures of pulling his shoulders forward and hunching over a bit.

(applause i want to create two files out of this one text file: one with all the speech which Cruz has said, the other a file which is just the text Trump has said.This election, this debate is not about insults.We are going to beat the Democrats.