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coach on their study strategies for any course. They offer help on any writing assignment across the curriculum, in any course or discipline at any level, from undergraduate to post-graduate work, including assignments such as: Essays required for applications to degree programs, scholarships, and jobs/internships. Additional Writing Center Services, jul 13, 2018. How many appointments can I reserve at one time? Prior to your visit, think about what you want out of your consultation, and tell the writing tutor what you want to work. Drop-in peer tutoring is offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6-9pm in Dey Hall, which is located on the quad adjacent to Wilson Library. What subjects are available for tutoring? We can also help you access resources with which you can further your skill and ability as a writer. You can always request to work with other students if youre in the same course. The Learning Centers peer tutors do not work with students on writing, but can offer help with understanding content. Coaching sessions and drop-in sessions in Dey Hall do not count toward your number of appointments. How much time do I get with my tutor? Please click here for courses supported by drop-in peer tutoring and here for courses supported by appointment tutoring. All appointments are scheduled for an hour, giving the student and consultant plenty roses of time to discuss all aspects of the draft. Our tutors are available only during our drop-in or appointment hours. If youd like to include a friend from your class in your session, you are welcome to bring them with you to your appointment.

We maintain a list of courses available for peer tutoring on our website. Reviewing grammar, our tutors are undergraduate students who received high grades in the classes they tutor and who have been trained in peer tutoring prior to working with students. How many tutoring appointments writing a list clipart can I have each week. You may have to wait for the tutor to finish with students in front of you. Just send us a message using the chat box to the right and well respond as soon as possible. Tutoring appointments are 45 minutes long. Make appointments well before your paper is due. Punctuation, just come by Dey Hall on the evening when we have a tutor for your course.

Visit the UNC Learning Center.Looking for help with your toughest classes, prepping for a big test, or better managing your time?The Learning Center offers academic coaching, study workshops, and useful online tools.

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Writing consultants will not correct or proofread your paper. Is there a unc writing center drop in charge for tutoring. What Writing Consultants Will Not. Help with all stages of the writing process. Most tutoring will be oneonone, you may unc writing center drop in schedule your next appointment with a tutor at the end of each appointment. Content development, during busy times, the Online Writing Center OWC is great for working on brainstorming. The Writing Lab will be open. If you anticipate that youll only need 1020 minutes with a tutor.

The writing consultant always responds to the student's concerns first, then works with the student to plan other ways to revise the draft. Academic coaching sessions and drop-in tutoring sessions in Dey Hall do not count toward your number of reserved appointments.