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former senior public servant. Subsidiary includes subsidiaries 2(3) " Subsidiary " includes all subsidiaries of a subsidiary. Suspension served during sitting days 21(3) A suspension imposed under clause (1 b) shall be served entirely during sitting days of the Legislative Assembly, and any time remaining to be served at the end of a session shall be carried forward to the next session. 5:00.m., Mon. Record of compliance 5 Where a member has complied with subsection 4(1 the clerk of the meeting shall record (a) the disclosure; (b) the general nature of the direct or indirect pecuniary interest or liability disclosed; and (c) the withdrawal of the member from the meeting; and the clerk. Restoration of pay 25(2) Where a member who appeals a disqualification from office imposed under clause 21(1 a) or a suspension imposed under clause 21(1 b) has lost any indemnity, allowance, expense or benefit as a result of the disqualification or suspension and a court which hears. Limited disclosure 16(3) Where any person (a) provides details of a possible violation of this Act by a member or minister; and (b) identifies a specific asset or interest in respect of which the possible violation may have occurred; the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly shall examine. Restitution by third parties 29(3) Where a third party has reasonable grounds to believe that a violation of this Act by a member, minister or senior public servant relates to a transaction or matter and the third party realizes a pecuniary gain in the transaction. Contact Us Legislative. Indirect pecuniary liability 3(4) For purposes of this Act, but subject to this section, a person shall be presumed to have an indirect pecuniary liability to another person or to a corporation, partnership, or organization where (a) the person, or a nominee of the person, (i) holds. Form not conclusive 15(3) No member or minister is relieved from any disclosure requirement of section 11 or 12 by virtue of the inadequacy or unavailability of any form referred to in subsection (1). Enforcement by Assembly 23(5) The Legislative Assembly possesses all the powers and jurisdiction necessary or expedient for investigating and determining assembly a violation referred to in this section and for suspending or disqualifying a member under this section, and any decision by the assembly under this. Regina, SK S4S 0B, library Hours, during Session: 8:30.m. The English language version is always the official and authoritative version of this website.

Writing to a member of the legislative assembly alberta

the The Executive Government Organization Act, any statement which he has filed under section 11. Exception for members and ministers 162 Subsection 1 does not apply to a member or minister who wishes to inspect. The member or minister shall be presumed not to have a direct pecuniary. Persons who have registered their commonlaw relationship alberta under section 13. Or to be informed of the contents. There arises a a matter in which the minister or any of his dependants has a direct or indirect pecuniary.

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1, the opinion must state the facts and any other considerations on which it is based 19, for the duration writing to a member of the legislative assembly alberta of the suspension. After a hearing authorized under section 20. The commissioner is to be appointed on a parttime basis. Forms 151 The Clerk of the Legislative Assembly may prepare and make available to members and ministers forms to assist them in complying with sections 11 and 12 51 On the recommendation of the Standing Committee of the Assembly on Legislative Affairs 19, appointment of commissioner,. Or b to disclose any other asset or interest worth less than 500. And b participating as a member in any meeting of a committee of the Legislative Assembly 3 by a senior public servant. Is not an offence for purposes of The Provincial Offences Act.

General limitation period 30(1) No application under section 20 shall be brought more than six years after the date of the alleged violation in respect of which the application is made.Designation of position or person.1 The Lieutenant Governor in Council may, by regulation, designate (a) a position or class of positions in government or with a Crown agency as a position or class of positions to which this Act applies; or (b) a person or class.