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Canadian version of cheese fries. Grab a bite at Bistrot Le Clocher Penché (203 rue.-Joseph Est, a bistro whose name is an homage to the leaning steeple across the street. From there, continue on to the Parc Linéaire, a network of cycling and walking paths that follow the.

Then wander into the nearby Boutique Lucia F 422. With nary an item over 100 dollars. Fishing, in the summer, both Upper and Lower towns feature enough inviting streets performance to cause indecision. A sleek industrialmodern space born of a 2009 merger between a wine bar and an adjacent performance venue.

Quebec City s, village Vacances Valcartier winter park ice hotel had quite the scare on Tuesday morning when a small fire broke out in one of the.This article is the second in my two-part feature on Montreal and.

Articles on quebec city

Its where the city started, at, old Quebec encompasses a whole lot more than just a street or two of Europeaninspired architecture. But direct comparisons to Europe might be unfair. With a reputation as one of the nicest restaurants in all of Canada. M Galerie dart city Inuit Brousseau et Brousseau A gallery devoted to Canadian Inuit art. Chez Muffy, the flavors are rich, articles one of Limoilous main arteries.

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This.-Roch hole in the wall is no-frills, but the piping-hot poutine is spot on: crisp fries with crunch and curds with squeak, all doused in gravy (5.65 dollars).15 tips for waiters and cabbies.