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in gymnastique Diamond and Pearl. Deck Knight gives us a detailed analysis of the policy review cycle that followed CAP. Status, an explanation of status, thanks to Arseus, with help from david stone. Move Restriction, a closer look at the workings of moves, items, and abilities that restrict the move options available to Pokémon, thanks to TheMaskedNitpicker. Introductory, introduction To Competitive Pokémon, an introduction to competitive Pokémon, thanks to various contributors. Welcome to Smogon's collection of In-Game articles! Historical Guide to the CAP Metagame A snapshot of the CAP metagame as it was in January of 2009, and a guide about how the first five CAPs fit into. A guide to understanding and playing in the Little Cup metagame, thanks to various contributors. CAP Pokémon in the CAP Metagame A guide to how several CAP Pokémon perform in the sixth generation's CAP metagame. Flavor and Miscellaneous Interview with DougJustDoug Also from issue 3, Jimbo, Sarenji, and tennisace have a chat with the head of the CAP project. Common Battle Conditions Guide, a guide to common battle conditions and how they work, thanks to bugmaniacbob. To reflect this, Smogon has an entire section dedicated to the most competitive experience possible on physical Pokémon cartridges. Deconstructing: A Guide to Wallbreaking. A guide to creating a CAP movepool, updated for the sixth generation. A guide explaining wallbreaking strategies, by Jediment, rewritten by Xia and mtr. Qwilphish takes a look at the BW CAP metagame at the close of the fifth generation, and how the various CAPs perform. CAP2 Report: The Essence of Necturna. Deck Knight muses on various topics in issue.

Beej, journal thanks to Great Sage and Jibaku. A guide on the various legality issues concerning Little Cup writing Pokemon. Smogon is dedicated to the competitive aspects of Pokémon. And do not fall within the Smogon University syllabus. All guides and strategy information are m and its contributors. Thanks to Umby and various contributors. Little Cup Threat List, past CAP Playtesting, overUsed.

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DPP Threat Descriptions A listing of all the major threats in the dpphgss CAP Metagame and how the CAP Pokemon interact with them. Thanks to writing Oglemi, thanks to XAct, plus. GatoDelFuego, stellar, how to get the most out of defensive EVs. A detailed table of the Magic Speed Numbers in the Advance Metagame. Jukain and assorted C C contributors. A Beginnerapos, compiled by the Policy Review Committee. A quick guide to the biggest threats. Thanks to Jellicent, normalized Base Stats, cAP3 Report. Guides and Reference, updated for XY by bugmaniacbob with research by paintseagull and jas61292. S Guide to Distributing EVs, from the second issue of The Smog.

Op-Ed: CAP, Pirates, Playtesting, and Policy Review.Stats, a guide to the ups and downs of stats in battle, thanks to Arseus, with help from david stone.A guide to the biggest threats in Little Cup and how to deal with them, by Heysup and the rest of the Little Cup Community.