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Christianity and why US airlines won't let both the pilot and the copilot of a flight be fundamentalist Christians. 20 Play audiobooks on long car trips. A girl's life

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will be effective. Clinics should also identify potential council members who can step in to fill vacancies. National Committee for Quality Assurance Patient-Centered Medical Home Program. Copyright 2015 by

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nor mainstream health, but feature both side by side, with the intention not to provoke but to inform. Our group of editors will gladly revise your paper in agreement

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how to respond to a particular criticism: When, upon reflection, you agree with the reviewer: You implement a change that does what the reviewer asked for. Your specific field might have different norms about this. The methods used on page 6 are unclear. Response: In the first paragraph of page 6 of the original manuscript, we had actually specified that we used generalized linear models. Still, it is better to explain too carefully what you have changed and why, than not carefully enough. Then explain how you have addressed it,.g.: The authors assert article in revision in that biodiversity is declining in their study area, but they do not substantiate this claim. Dont be surprised that response letters sometimes end up very long!

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This should make it more obvious which methods we used. XXX, you can then make the corrections together with submitting the revision see. Please bear in mind that many misinterpretations are not created by scientific debate but simply by awkward idioms and sentence structure. Its article in revision in your job to communicate your ideas clearly. In submissio" t want to misrepresent yourself to potential employers. Where reviewers comments are contradictory, follow the editors outline in the decision letter.

I also would not state the journal to which the paper is submitted.1) If the paper has been accepted pending revisions, then say this.

Article in revision in

When, in this case, you change nothing in the text. But you explain in your cover letter to editor why you did not make the change. Followed by type 2 only rarely will you get away with. The new text double spaced, we greatly appreciate the constructive comments. Making this job as easy as possible for the editor is what your response letter needs. For minor suggestions, our thank you for your decision letter from xyz. As a general rule of thumb. If you want your paper to be accepted.

Be as honest as possible.You can also add material as supplementary files but there is no guarantee that the reviewers (who may already have downloaded the material) see the additional information, unless you do this right away after submission.Therefore, this should only be used in exceptional cases.