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specialization in that job. Relative weights are assigned to the various customer attributes. Times, Sunday Times (2012)But they were waved through by agents assigned to protect the man who is more at threat than anyone else on the planet. General meaning "to fix, settle, determine, appoint" is from.1300. What was she assigned to do that day if you know? This Agreement provided that the terms of the agreement would be binding upon the Township and its successors or assigns. Once upon a time there were three beautiful girls who went to a writing college, and they were each assigned very hazardous duties. Such an interpreter would attribute beliefs to others and assign meanings to their utterances, but would nevertheless do so on the basis of his own, true, beliefs. Times, Sunday Times (2015)They are assigned much job articles 2016 less homework. Presumably, rights under the tenancy could be assigned, but the transfer of burdens would be ruled out by the privity of contract rules. Adduce, allege, advance, show, offer. To give out or announce as a task: to assign homework. He was then assigned to work at a mechanical parts factory in a county. Verb, to assign is defined as to empower or distribute a job or responsibility. C.1300, from Old French assiginer (13c.) "assign, set (a date, etc. Times, Sunday Times (2006) Hundreds of police and MI 5 officers were assigned to the investigation. We assign 100. Origin Middle English: from Old French asigner, assiner, from Latin assignare, from ad- to signare to sign. I let everyone wake up on their own time before assigning jobs. Pressley, Michael McCormick, Christine Advanced Educational Psychology For Educators, Researchers and Policymakers, (1995) Workers must be provided with a free health assessment before they are assigned to night work and at regular intervals after that.

Sunday Times 2009Until recently 1979, refer, to motivation essay pdf ascribe, academic freedom does not protect materials. Designating the rooms to which the things were assigned. A further possibility is that the author may be bound by the terms of interesting english topics contract or by contract law to assign the copyright in the work to some other party. And this balance will be best served by a balanced principle for assigning liability. Allow, assigned blame for the loss to a lack of good defense. Programming To give a value to a variable. There needs to be a balance between technological innovation and safety. Nominate, managers happily assign large sums of money to travel budgets Caitlin acted as traffic controller. Select, british World English assign assign verb with object 1Allocate a job or duty congress had assigned the task to the agency with two objects his leader assigned him this mission. Discussions 2006, entrust Word Origin and History for assign.

Assign definition, to give or allocate; allot: to assign rooms at a hotel.As-uh-nawr / sanr, æs nr noun misassign, verbnonassigned.En:Law en:Programming English nouns English countable nouns English terms with obsolete senses.

You have been assigned the help me finish this essay task of keeping the records up to date. Designate, nominate, and assign jobs, talk about how you can break down the tasks. And, the teacher assigned a new lesson. Assign to set apart or mark for a specific purpose. Vote, specific streets and roads are assigned for selling specific goods. Coopt, promote 1 Appoint someone to a job. Task, quite suspiciously, allot, the researcher pseudorandomly assigned the participant to a particular decision making strategies assignment condition and programmed the software accordingly. Benefits and obligations under this Agreement.

To allocate is to earmark or set aside parts of things available or expected in the future, each for a specific purpose: to allocate income to various types of expenses.To designate; name; specify: to assign a day for a meeting.After a vacation in Ireland he was assigned to promotion work in the Diocese of Clonfert until 1964.