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a string (also called a property name and value can be anything. Data types, there are seven data types in JavaScript. The following does not make sense in algebra: x x 5, in JavaScript, however, it makes perfect sense: it assigns the value of x 5. To access a property, we can use: The dot notation: operty. Thats usually a"d string. Place the variable name between square brackets: var foo "bar var ob foo: "something" ; / r "something". In JavaScript, objects penetrate almost every aspect of the language. To iterate over an object: for(let key in obj) loop. This is a completely different thing from the for construct that we studied before. Its when an object property exists, assignments but stores undefined: let obj test: undefined ; alert( obj. They have their special features that well study later. So the in operator works right. What this really means is that primitive values will not be shared between multiple variables even after setting variables equal to each other. So, 49 is an integer property name, because when its transformed to an integer number and back, its still the same. Call by sharing means that the arguments of the called function point to the same memory locations as the variables passed by the caller. Names can also begin with and _ (but we will not use it in this tutorial). We can use more complex expressions inside square brackets: let fruit 'apple let bag fruit 'Computers 5 / bag. What weve studied in this chapter is called a plain object, or just Object. Alert( "test" in obj / true, the property does exist! Situations like this happen very rarely, because undefined is usually not assigned. Function incrementValue(val) val 10; function incrementObjectValue(obj) l 10; it should pass objects by reference function var myObj val:10; incrementObjectValue(myObj expect(Be(20 incrementValue(l expect(Be(20 As you can see from the test, adding 10 to the original value inside incrementObjectValue is visible outside the function. Objects in JavaScript are very powerful. So, if a visitor enters "apple bag will become apple:. Not surprisingly we see that both variables contain the same value. The const would give an error if we try to set user to something else, for instance: const user name: "John" ; / Error (can't reassign user) user name: "Pete" ; But what if we want to make constant object properties? Copying a variable duplicates the key, but not the cabinet itself.

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Ordered like an object Are objects ordered. After the execution of these statements. There will be no error if the property doesnt exist. As we have seen, now try this, name Computed properties We can use square brackets in an object literal. Objects are report assigned and copied by reference.

In, javaScript, assigning a variable and assigning a property are 2 different operations.It s best to think of variables as pointers to objects, and when you assign directly to a variable, you are not modifying any objects, merely repointing your variable to a different object.The, object.assign method is used to copy the values of all enumerable own properties from one or more source objects to a target object.

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In fact all that happened was that the value from joe was copied into alsoJoe. D So when we go to change alsoJoe we donapos. quot; and assign it to joe, volvo price 200. John age, try it Yourself A declaration can span multiple lines. So copying citizenship writing test questions such a variable or passing it as a function argument copies that reference.

In other words, a variable stores not the object value, but a reference (address in memory) for the value.Assigning primitive values: it should create copies when assigning primitives function var joe 'Joe var alsoJoe joe; expect(joe).toBe Joe expect(alsoJoe).toBe Joe alsoJoe 'noLongerJoe expect(joe).toBe Joe First up is assignment of primitive values.