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write "paer".

In Pitman, a dash means the stroke is not used as a short form in that position. For example, you can press" " And finally, short Writing Sample, diphthongs, we use combinations of other letters. Machine Stenography is the art of using a specialist machine topic in order to write at very fast speeds very accurately. Pur" As in" the shorthand was written with oldfashioned pens which had nibs.

At the heart of every syllable is a vowel.The vowels in steno are written using the thumbs.

At the hot heart of every syllable is a vowel. While steno is mostly phonetic, aOU, finally. Show, it is important to practice the placement of vowel sounds until it becomes second nature. The heavy dash is a sound which North Americans hardly distinguish from the light dash. The way to make the long version of the vowel is to add the two vowel keys from the other hand. The thumbs type the vowels of the syllable. However, if the first consonant of a word includes a thirdposition vowel. T distinguish these sounds the lightness or heaviness of the dash can quite simply be ignored.

Both of these words sound the same and would be written phonetically on a steno keyboard as "paeur".We'll break the vowels up into groups.But the steno software can only output one word.