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for the economy, and that this plan is to double growth. It showed Rodriguezs now signature caricature of Trump wielding a bloody knife in one luxembourg articles hand, and the severed head of the Statue of Liberty in the other. So we are defending democracy. Media captionWhat people in Berlin say about controversial cover. But the editor says he would not change a thing. When America First actually means America Alone, the United States is significantly weaker, he tweeted. "The cover plays on the lives of terror victims in a very nasty way he told Bild. I felt like I had to push the boundaries, he said. A tweet featuring the cover was quickly retweeted. He first proposed several ideas, one of which showed a hand whose middle finger was erect and resembled Trump. The covers meaning is President Trump threatening democracy and freedomand this threat is real.

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His trade adviser also recently attacked Germany for gaining unfair trade advantages from a" Id be free to do whatever I want. Those who have seen what the disappearance of the steel industry has done and what the computer chip has wrought is familiar with the widespread frustration among the white working class. In 1980 at the age of eight. Several other magazines are using the front covers of their next editions assign to comment on the US president and his policies. As sad and absurd as that may sound. They cast their votes for xenophobia. He recalls his father telling him. States the piece, the end of equal rights and social conscience.

Donald Trump called for a ban on Muslims entering into the United States, he described Mexicans as rapists and announced his intention to build a wall and make Mexico pay for.The article you are reading originally appeared in German in issue 46/2016 (November 12, 2016) of DER spiegel.

The single compositionally simple illustration on the German magazines cover captured the international shockwave of uncertainty and fear that Trumps election had set in motion. While this is Rodriguezs first articles published illustration of Kim. And if he implements the worst of his campaign promises.


In other words, it needs to stop focusing on lies and angry outbursts, which only serves to inflate the importance of false entertainers.Reporting by Reuters TV; Writing by Paul Carrel; editing by John Stonestreet.In other words, 60 million Americans acted stupidly.