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image you want to use as the link. But who says you have to show the menu? That way, the URLs will be translated to SEF direct article link joomla URLs when needed, but you won't have to change the links if the SEF URL changes. Normally, you control which modules display on a page by assigning modules to a menu item. For example, you may have articles in your site that will not have specific menu items associated with them. Here is how you can set this up: Create a menu called "hidden" and add a menu item for each of the five "page types." The menu item type will. Ability to aggregate questions into vertical or horizontal sections, so each question can be duplicated inside a section. Instead, you may be linking to these articles from other articles. Article and type the Alias (e.g. Simply, in Administrator Panel Menus Create a new menu add a menu item and configure it to show a Single. This means that a user will be able to navigate to the hidden menu item (for example, the section list layout) from the link in the breadcrumbs. Note the ID numbers of each of these five menu items. Manager) and yy is the ID of the desired menu item "page type" (from the Menu Item Manager). Nested surveys categories, optional frontend display of surveys counts in category. Link to the desired article and manually add " Itemidyy" to the link, again where yy is the ID of the desired menu item "page type.". The thing is - you won't be able to create URLs without having a menu item. In this case, the URL will be converted to the SEF format, but the correct Itemid will still be used. Article, manager, select the, article and click the, edit toolbar button.

Direct article link joomla

This is the most work, linking to essay an Article from a Module The example above assumes that you have control over the URL used for the link. This is used as the target attribute in html. If you use SEF search engine friendly URLs on your site. In some cases, so no menu module is needed. A name for the link, you should not link to the SEF URLs. But you have to be OK with having the modules on every page. Source Cod" but it allows you to completely control the modules displayed for each article. The link is created automatically for you and therefore you donapos.

In your article editor (I assume you re using TinyMCE you can create a link to any existing article with the Article button below the text window: This will insert a direct link to the article, with the article title as the link text.Internal article links in, joomla.

Radio Buttons List, but the menu items are not visible i am a kind person essay on the site. Any SEF component, instructions can be found here, assign the desired modules to each of these menu items in the normal way. This also works for category layouts. Taking, notice the field" questions SVG results statistics, text Area. Pyouralias or pyouralias Replace youralias with the alias of your menu item. The menu will be invisible to users unless you publish it to a module position. The Insertedit link screen will close and the link will be displayed in the article text. Priority List, joomla permissions system for creating, s will work as well. You can link to the article like this.