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they just loose the final match. This positions the audience to make them feel that he is isolated from everyone else because he is on his own and that he must feel small and powerless because he looks small sitting alone in the big empty gym. With bright hopes for the future of his team, they set off in an adventure to the top. You have to learn from decision makings. Coach Carter is a 2005 American biographical directed. Ken Carter shows that he has true faith in these students and their success, even when the students have the deepest doubts. Coach Carter is about a new coach at Richmond High School that takes on the basketball team. Why or why not? They were put. Through some arguably controversial and unorthodox tactics, Coach Carter works to turn the team around both on and off of the court. Describe the teachers management style. His tough attitude towards the team becomes very motivational for the team and they eventually acknowledge the benefits of his ways. This is an autocratic style of coaching the team but realistically its for the best, hes thinking of the teams future in basketball and giving them opportunities academically. Later, Carter is criticized by parents and academic personnel alike for his decision to lock down the gym. He calls his players sir, treats them as adults with responsibilities often giving the benefit of the doubt and expects the same attitude in return. The sports action in the film was coordinated by the production company ReelSports. One night, someone throws a brick through Carter's store window for not letting the team play. Carter quickly sees that the athletes are rude and disrespectful, and are in need of discipline. Coach, carter, essay How does Thomas, carter demonstrate directors craft techniques. Jackson Nominated Choice Movie Breakout Performance - Female Ashanti Nominated Nominated See also. "About Da Game" 3:39. Do you agree with Coach Carter? Its a true story about a well educated man named Ken. Meeting with the basketball players for the first time was a wake up call. Accolades The film was nominated and won several awards in 200506. Coach because he took the job at richmond to change the lives of the men he coached by impacting their lives in such a positive way, he made them work towards the victories they would later get. A" from Coach Carter is you will have my respect until you abuse. I remember from the film Carter speaks with the tem about the insulting use of nigger. Later, Stone talks to Kyra about the baby and worked it out so she and the baby go to college with him.

These directors craft techniques assignment 2.3 causes & consequences of the depression are used to manipulate the audience to feel a particular way towards the movie or to help them understand something or someone. Coach, at the start when Ken first sees the basketball team he takes an autocratic style of coaching them. As he entered the coaching job he immediately put his foot down and used legitimate power. When first introduced to the team. Maturity and gentlemanly behaviour, winners, while the rest of the school as well as the principal of Richmond believe otherwise 233 in box office business, costume is one the directors craft techniques that Thomas Carter has demonstrated in Coach Carter as well as camera angles. This shows his autocratic coaching style in the film.

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If they made a bad play, they sat on the bench.He also has a quality of discipline although it mite not seen equal at times, such as when he makes Timo do something like 1500 push ups and like 1000 suicides, but this makes the team realise that he is serious and hes not mucking.