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Essay ideas on honour killings in canada



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reversed by killing them. As a result, the murderer is unlikely to be reprimanded in court, and is seen as a hero by many. Current thinking and current issues, honour killings are not a problem of one or two countries rather it is a global problem. The third level of framework is ethical analysis. Interviews published of some of the parents who have killed their own children in the name of honour killings clearly demonstrate that many of them do not have even a slightest bit of remorse of what they have done. Women are being killed throughout the Middle East and South Asia once their families come to know that they have done such acts which have brought dishonour to their family name. They do not fear the loss of their own children forever; let alone that they even know that they would get punished by law but still none of this really bothers them and they do not revert back from doing this. Fathers often have their son(s) do the killing, for if by some odd chance any legal action is taken, they would get a much lighter sentence for being a minor. While Muna all the time set alone and cried, and thought: why I? These are categorized into Internal Control and the External Control. And the fear of consequences also cannot reverse them back from their decisions. Honor killing is crime and heartlessness behavior, which committed in this story by her father. Not only the violence will affected in women but also, the discrimination to men in the society and front of law, will lead to increase the honor killing. On other hand, the increasing number of honor killing and variety styles of killing or torture (verbal and un verbal torture) like, Burned alive, Stabbed, Strangled, Shot, throat cut and tortured by saying bad words or beats by legsâetc. Human Rights Watch states, Honor killings are acts of vengeance, usually death, committed by male family members against female family members, who are held to have brought dis-honour upon the family. Level 3: Ethical analysis, level 4: Post ethical level, the first level is defined as the spontaneous, unreflective reaction and judgement made to any issue or problem concerned. It should be okay to choose you own way of living, what you want to wear. After ten minutes no one in the bus, only she and him.he closed the bus door, drove fast and changed his road.she asked him :where are you going? He used to look to people like he was the best one among them because he had a lot of money. In the following way we can use these behaviour changing techniques to change the current scenario of honour killings. In the light of the number of women who murdered every year, I can analyze that in many cultures, women the main victims of human right abuse and under the honor killing cap the family cover the violence and discrimination against women. Suderman, middle Eastern Studies 12/2/2012, middle East Honnor Killings, with the large spread of Muslim honor killings occurring in multiple countries around the world, the question lies, is it morally wrong? The next level which is called as following internalized moral rules correlates to the moral rules we learn through the our society. In 2011, the honourable Supreme Court of India said writing good article summaries that people involved in honour killings will get the death penalty. Also they are both mainly committed against women. An incident of throwing acid on a girl by his mother occurred in Pakistan; an interview with the parents revealed girls mother saying that it was the destiny of her daughter to die in that way as she has looked at a boy who drove. Besides this, family reputation is made or destroyed by the good or bad deeds people do or their children do in their lives. Though the term has been coined quite recently but the concept of honour killing is very ancient and it has been prevailing in our society from very long in one way or the other. I would like to discuss this topic from two perspectives; one from the parents point of view and one from their children point of view.

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Meanwhile, the people or parents who would not jungle hesitate to kill their own children in the name of serving the honour of their family or traditions or their community are strictly the followers of Deontological approach for decision making. The judiciary ensures that they usually receive a light sentence. I dont need money, convinced her family members were conspiring to kill her. Strict actions needed to be taken if some family member or relatives tries to threaten their children in the name of family honour. When the society and Muna familys didnt believe the doctors report that. Teleological approach involves a concern for the ends or consequences of ones conduct. This sort of attitude towards ones own children shows that such parents do not love their children at all and they just produce them to carry forward the name of their family.

Honour, killings in, canada.Ssh 301, honour, killings.

Essay ideas on honour killings in canada

So, in one way or the other such rules discriminate a lot against women and further support honour killings. Because her mother said bad words like. Beliefs and knowledge, while my family, what you have to wear. That is the Internal Control method.

The bulk of the killings occur in places where tribal customs are followed with little resistance.The similarities that honor killings have with other interpersonal crimes is that the parties involved know each other.Some of the differences in the two is that honor killings according to our readings is committed mainly by Muslims and domestic violence (which is a interpersonal crime) is by men of all faiths (religions honor killings are planned and domestic violence is not, honor.