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wants to marry Hermia despite Helenas devotion to him. Although, sometimes with the magicals, the play can turn comical, for they can be quite silly. However, Helena only expresses her feelings in this way in the wood, as in Athens, like Hermia, she is upholding a more civilised and ladylike persona. In Elizabethan lore, Puck was a mischievous, brownie like fairy also called Robin Goodfellow. But he soon changed his mind in favour of Hermias wealth. Their marriage is perfect in the eyes of the Shakespeare audience. Lysander and Demetrius objectifying of women are more evident. WE will writustom, essay, sample. Puck is obviously a main source of comic disorder in A Midsummer Nights Dream for example his disastrous mix up of Lysander and Demetrius. Lysander may be the only male who does not consciously seek to harm his mate. In A, midsummer, night s, dream, each mechanical represents decency, honesty, loyalty and hard work. Gender conflict is based on the cultural beliefs various societies have established concerning the roles men and women play in those societies. This shows his character to be mature, fair and considerate. This natural environment is often described as a green world. Previous, suggested Essay Topics, next, how to Cite This SparkNote. The plays genre is a tragedy and its called Pyramus and Thisbe. Hermia refuses, giving her power and control over the situation, which indicates a role reversal between male and female, related to the social hierarchy found in Athens and which was in place during the Elizabethan Era. Though A Midsummer Night s Dream divides its action between several groups of characters, Puck is the closest thing the play has to a protagonist. A comedy is a play that has a humorous storyline. Oberon refuses to accept defeat and tricks Titania with the magic love potion into giving the boy to him. In the Elizabethan era, when the play was written, women were thought to be below men because they were less intelligent and more irrational, likely due to the Great Chain of Being and the menstrual cycle, which is linked to the moon, and its own. Throughout the play, she doesnt say much, and her opinion or preference is also not asked for, despite the fact that she, in her own right, is of extreme importance and influence. She replies to oberon Then I must be thy lady.

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Scene i, like a contagion, the women are made to feel forced and obligated to do as the men say. Dream, from the beginning of behaviours the play male dominance can be easily realized in the speeches of Egeus who is the father of Hermia. Midsummer s, and the strength of those emotions are shown. Because the characters are not holding back their emotions.

Many people have categorized.Midsummer Night s, dream as a romantic comedy.How accurate is this assessment?

Each man brings comedy into the play which contrasts with the aristocratic lovers. Introducing an added theme of magic realism to the scenes set in the wood. Shakespeare communicates this idea or concept to the audience effectively through the two settings butterfly of Athens and the Wood and also the characters in the play that link them together.

There is no chance for Hermia to choose her own husband.This compromise creates a balance in the relationship and prevents conflict.For example, what characters are comic or serious.