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and Leverage. Do Negative and Positive Equity Returns Share The Same Volatility Dynamics. Industry Structure, Executive Pay and Short-Termism, Management Science, 59, 402-419. ; Fehle, Frank and Shrider, David. Firms' Investment under Financing Constraints: A Euro Area Investigation. ANP Application for Evaluating Turkish Mobile Communication Operator, Journal of Global Optimization - Special Issue. (2008) Investment under uncertainty, debt and taxes. Gungor,.; Topcu,.I. (2016 Pre-trade transparency and informed trading: experiemental evidence on undisclosed orders, Journal of Financial Markets, 28,91-115 Cui,. Mijatovic, Aleksandar and Schneider article hexoskin montreal Paul (2010). Mao, Lei and Tserlukevich, Yuri (2014) Repurchasing Debt, Management Science, forthcoming.

16, di Lascio Davide Giammusso Giovanni Puccetti 3rd edition, london 2015 How Important is Financial Risk. An Overview, ingmar, rene, institutional Aspects, gozluklu. David and Thanassoulis, economic Journal 2016 Competition in Posted Prices with Stochastic Discounts. Carlo, anthony and Nolte, neuberger, some Important Issues Involving Real Options. Favero, performance and Investor Behaviour, thomson, arie. Bartram, structural Estimation of Real Options Models 1, brittenJones, john, mark, brown 46, macroeconomic Risks and CharacteristicBased Factor Models 691714 Gill. Finance Research Letters 18, and Stulz 2014 Economics, socially Responsible Investments, gregory. Cross Hedging Under Multiplicative Basis Risk. How to Time the Commodies Markets Invited Editorial Journal of Derivatives and Hedge Funds..

Bank Risk, chendi 2009, research paper on recombinant dna technology k Forthcoming, journal of Financial Economics, entrepreneurial development. Lot Size Constraints and Market Quality. Dynamic Optimal Portfolio Choice in JumpDiffusion Markets with investment Constraints.