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Grade 9 essay about tolerance



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differences? Unfortunately, anarchism and intolerance seem to be on article the upgrade, of late. Man in the 21st century believes he is more civilized than his ancestors. Without this broad-mindedness, energy will be wasted in futile arguments. Each distinctive outlook has its own background. Trivial misunderstandings, even rumors, give rise to riots with the accompanying bloodshed and permanent acres on relationship ; at the national level, there is civil war and border wars.

They will become less tolerant of other cultures. The more patriotic the citizen is towards their own country. With McConnells point, in earlier days difference in religion led khmer to prosecution.


Grade 9, sample, essays, theme1 : Environment and Natural Disasters.Sample 3: Tolerance in Life I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest.I dont judge the universe!

Grade 9 essay about tolerance

Mere passion grade never leads to any good nor solves any problem. Passion has to be controlled and disciplined by reason and tolerance. If this tolerance is not imbibed and nurtured. But there can be no tolerance where we come up against fundamental principles. In environment or conditions of about life. Causes difference in temperament and opinion. At the same time it creates a deeper understanding of others views and beliefs. A whole community might be massacred in the name of God. Racial tension has grown due to intolerance. In this long run, it does not represent that we will not be able to undefined ourselves of whom we are.

It fact, with the passage of years we are becoming more ready to recognize the possibility of views other than our own.Therefore, in matters relating to deeper questions and principles of life, it is our duty to stand up for them and refuse an easy compromise.But tolerance is not meant to encourage a week-kneed attitude to life.