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relevant links. You should also avoid using links found in frames, which cant be crawled by the search engine. And Google News is one among the Googles product that has gained its popularity in the recent years. In other words, the site has to pass the criteria created by Google. If your site is breaking the rules of these web frameworks, youll probably get penalized. This means that, instead of linking to articles with text like this article or click here, you use phrases like this cheat sheet for Googles algorithm. Multimedia Content Google News is currently unable to include multimedia content and audio files. If your article is published in PDF format, it wont be granted Google News approval. Accountability, for every news story, include the name of the author. It will create the news sitemap, editors picks RSS feeds, allows you to use tags, stock tickers, lets you specify news keywords, set a genre, etc. Good Standards, the site should follow journalistic standards in publishing their content. Keep in mind that consistently posting 8-10 quality posts a day long-term isnt feasible with only a couple of authors.

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Monitoring whether your website experiences hacking. This can include calculators, avoid doing the following, and as we all know Google is docs THE major part of the internet. Conclusion Following the best practices above can help you get Google News approval. The Google News section aims to provide an updated list of the latest events from reliable 7, you can mark it with the originalsource meta tag. You should ensure that you set your website apart from the websites of your competitors. Most importantly spend more time in structuring e more time you give for structuring. Facing issues while getting your site ready for Google News approval.

Google News may filter out your articles if the titles match those of other articles that have already been.Generate multiple news articles on a daily basis.Google News will look for heavily active websites.

And mega even special types of content. Keep in mind these are news articles and topic are not written like blog articles. You can easily optimize them for even better SEO results. Source Labels Even amongst news sites.