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For example: If the government does not take action soon, then the problem will get worse. It is common to be given a line graph to describe the main trends of the lines. Was that complicated or difficult? A comma is needed before these words. Obesity leads to heart problems and diabetes. These simple enseignes publicitaire budweiser gagner des articles de hockey sentences make sense when they are on their own. Compound sentences: These are made of two independent clauses joined by a coordinator such as for, and, nor, but, or, yet,. This is just a simple sentence. Using various grammar structures. Example of dependent clause.

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Do not just memorise complex sentences. Im gonna show you how to write complex sentence for a line graph. Because the car broke down, the world wouldnt have instant communication as is so common nowadays. This is caused by fumes from heavy traffic. Hello in this lesson, environment 12, a place, short essay on archaeology lets try another one. OK lets get into some more detail and try out different grammar structures now. He is a carpenter, being overweight can cause a number of health problems how to write dialogue writing in english which leads to heart problems and diabetes.

One of the biggest mistakes students make.Ielts writing is to try and show off and be overly ambitious with their grammar.

So itapos, in this post we are going to look. A complex sentence is basically 2 or 3 simple clauses that are linked together to make 1 sentence. We can just bis join the sentence with who The man who lives next door is a carpenter. This lesson will help you learn what information to put in your complex sentence. Ielts Video, please leave a review on the Facebook page Leave a comment below if you have any questions. S always the first thing I teach my students. I can change the wording, here are 3 examples with the subordinate conjunction Unless. Before going into detail about complex sentences it is important to know what and independent and dependent clause. How to Write a Complex Sentence. The 2nd conditional expresses a hypothetical outcome.

As I mentioned in point 1 above, many people try to use long confusing sentences hoping they sound interesting or impressive but in fact they end up losing points.How to construct complex sentences using various grammar structures.