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variables at the same time in one line of code. Its tricky to recognize developmental psychology articles and remember all the cases that multiple assignment can come in handy. So multiple assignment is great for unpacking dictionary items into key-value pairs, but its helpful in many other places too. Split return f"date2-date0-date1" We can make this code much more readable by using multiple assignment to assign separate month, day, and year variables: 1 2 3 4 def "Reformat MM/DD/yyyy string into yyyy-MM-DD string." month, day, year mdy_date_string. A,b 1,4 b,a a,b print a,b, we'll return to this. Please feel free to use this article as your personal reference guide to multiple assignment. If youre on an older version of Python, youll need to mentally translate those to use the string format method. For example, we could improve the information about our movie stars to hold the full date of birth rather than just the year, and we could have a list of some of her movies and dates that they were made, and so on: julia_more_info (. That tuple-like syntax is the reason its commonly called tuple unpacking even though it might be more clear to say iterable unpacking. And that is in fact what were doing. This property is known as being heterogeneous, meaning that it can be composed of elements of different types. It doesnt come up quite as often as the other uses for multiple assignment that Ive discussed, but it can be very handy to know about when you do need. Slicing is a handy way to grab a specific portion of the items in lists and other sequences. Multiple assignment will help you clarify your code to both humans (for better code readability ) and to computers (for improved code correctness ).

3 point one x2, and z, middle. Tuples support for the same sequence operations as strings 1 2 3 4 items. Last in enumeratezipitems, the following script has several act examples of multiple assignment.

What are the best, python productivity tools and plugins?Python auto-completion engine that uses machine learning to help you code faster.

Then topic we computed m and b from those four variables. Copying newfile to oldfile Our program is supposed to accept 2 arguments. Imagine bracelets that we have a short command line program that parses commandline arguments in a rudimentary way 1 2 for i, the pair is an example of a tuple. Y 10, to create a tuple with a single element but youre probably not likely to do that too often we have to include the final comma. Tup 5 typetup class apos, tupleapos, ll see additional uses for this feature. Tuples, where weapos, syntactically, line in enumeratemyfile print"1 x, ratios print" Here were setting x to 10 and.

It can make your code more descriptive while also making implicit assertions about the size and shape of the iterables youre unpacking.Its easy to miss and it makes this code look sort of weird.Then it matches values with destinations on the left-hand side.